A little Saturday prayer


Dear God, forgive and show mercy on those of us who are weak, ill, full of fear, disappointment, despair, illusions, lack of wisdom and bravery. Amen


Happiness is … in the detail

Kyrgyz woman: The strange February weather brought us many surprises. The spiders and ladybirds are awaken and make much fuss all around. They are so delicate and tiny, but reveal so much life and creativity. I can observe the same spider each morning on my floor, examining the space, while I’m trying to concentrate on my meditation (my third eye is always open!). He (or she) probably has no idea about my existence and what’s worse, about my spiritual attempts. And ladybirds like my woolen mat under the worktable.

The sun is rare guest in Carpatia, when the temperatures are high, the mists and clouds cover the mountains like a heavy blanket. The flocks of all possible varieties of birds rush from one point to another, forming amazing waves and spirals in the air. They have enough food, entertainment, the air is warm. They seem to be countless.

The winds actuates the lazy sleepy trees. Maybe they would prefer to stay a bit more hibernated, but no way. They are shaken, tossed, wrung, stroked.

The streets are totally empty. There’s still no work in the fields, no shopping malls, and no holiday. Otherwise some people would appear to go to the church. It’s an occasion to put on new nice clothes, arrange some nice hairdo and drive a car.

Only dense white smoke from the chimneys indicates the presence of others.

I’m observing the world, birds, people, mountains and trains through the window. I’ve caught a nasty cold and have totally no intention to go out. But suddenly I notice some timid sun beams. Hmm. Well, maybe I’ll go for a little walk or pop up to the shops to check the fruits and vegetables.

Living in the countryside makes one sensitive for anything artificial – smells, tastes, emotions, jokes. It teaches to find joy and happiness in perceiving and listening to the world and not imposing own rules and expectations. The latter will definitely disappoint you and the first will make you calm, far-seeing and sagacious.

A year-long month

@shodashi 2016

I took a month-break from all social, science and other duties. January is normally a drunk month in Carpatia – lazy holiday atmosphere, a feeling of comon well-being, Orthodox name-days celebrated by the whole country, several New Year Eves, Epiphany, and so on and so on. Besides this year I didn’t want it to be a Groundhug’s Day, so the holiday air was just a background for my activities. But how can I call the activity something that is done inside me? I can only point out some theses that caught my mind.

MENTAL HEALTH. What is the factor that breaks all our happy life theories? The fact of our death. You can like it or not, but we all die. At the end. But the other funny fact is that the end is sudden. Let’s imagine, you’ve been told you have only half a year left. Your actions? Go and entertain yourself as never before? Escape in some monastery? Rent a place on the Ganges bank? Finally start thinking of your vocation in life? Get depressed and angry with God? Or learning immediately what it means to die and what one should do to prepare oneself to this act? Continue reading

human mission

extant When I was watching first series I seemed to be bored and even disappointed – the action was a bit slow and too family. But then next ones made me addicted to the story of dr Molly Woods, an astronaut (yes, when I was a child I dreamed of being a cosmonaut) and her family in the far far future.

extant-1extant (1)

The plot is really involving and unpredictable. I enjoy the play of Hale Berry and the development of her character. I still do not know how it is going to finish, but I like the inventions of the future like manicure-machine, almost human robots, printers of clothes.

I must say, any film whether it is about future or present or past is about relations and inner appeals of each human being. Who we are, what is important in our lives, can family fulfill the constant inner drive to the unknown? These are the questions I read in this film.

Besides those interfaces, the cloud services, the bio-molecular topics follow me from series to series, I get quite familiar with them and like them.


December in Carpatia is full of emotions, insights and talks. Why those “humanics” are sometimes more human and creative than us, human beings? Well, I suspect, I know why. Human beings are very complex beings. Our Ego can kill all the best in us – our creativity, our honesty, our relations with our higher nature. We become concentrated on the questions of SURVIVAL. But this is another story.

almost human

Last months of the year tend to be sad, dark, sleepy and least inspiring. Well, if you live in some megalopolis with electric lights, drive a car from home to work, you might not feel it that much. Besides Christmas marketing is always ready to entertain your eyes, ears and wallet : ) But when you live in the heart of Carpatia, where you won’t find a hint of city lights, christmas ads – just severe winds, super dark darkness, almost soundless mountains, pines and fir trees, wet snow and ice.

But guys, if you have water, Internet, electricity and a couple of good films – you will not only survive, you can decide what waves you attract into your life. You can surround yourself with scenes from hi-tech future, with funny talks of the detectives and their ALMOST HUMAN helpers of the future.


I’m not crazy neither about police stories, nor about robots, but this serial is about human relations, even when the android has to show you what it is. I enjoy every single episode, dialogs, their interfaces of the future, their beautiful city, their gadgets and their frankness.


There is a huge gap between that reality and my reality. Their reality is so sterile and synthetic. My reality is very organic and on the edge of survival. At the edge of an animal survival.

No machine takes care of your emotions or depression, nobody measures your blood pressure, there is no single camera in the area of 50 km, nobody heats your dwelling for you, nobody controls your activity, your money flows or lack of them : )

It’s a good occasion to think of limits of our freedom, how much of it we need and how much we can sacrifice for this ephemeral feeling of safety. I like my soundless freedom sometimes. Although I’m really enjoying the fantastic future with my almost human characters. I highly recommend it! Especially if you live far from civilization. It’s a kind of hi-tech vitamin for us. Take care and be patient with yourselves these short days.

first snow


Welcome to the new season. Piercing cold and wet snow has come to this land. Flowers and leaves are still beautiful, but how long it is left? It’s a good occasion to stay inside, cook something tasty, watch films, write poems without feeling any gilt. One can manage start new exciting things like learning to use camera once again : ) or new trends in fashion. Ula-la! Have a nice week!

first snow