A year-long month

@shodashi 2016

I took a month-break from all social, science and other duties. January is normally a drunk month in Carpatia – lazy holiday atmosphere, a feeling of comon well-being, Orthodox name-days celebrated by the whole country, several New Year Eves, Epiphany, and so on and so on. Besides this year I didn’t want it to be a Groundhug’s Day, so the holiday air was just a background for my activities. But how can I call the activity something that is done inside me? I can only point out some theses that caught my mind.

MENTAL HEALTH. What is the factor that breaks all our happy life theories? The fact of our death. You can like it or not, but we all die. At the end. But the other funny fact is that the end is sudden. Let’s imagine, you’ve been told you have only half a year left. Your actions? Go and entertain yourself as never before? Escape in some monastery? Rent a place on the Ganges bank? Finally start thinking of your vocation in life? Get depressed and angry with God? Or learning immediately what it means to die and what one should do to prepare oneself to this act? Continue reading


mists in Carpatia

WP_20151004_001 You know, the mists are a common phenomenon in Carpatia. You just accept it or not. If not – you suffer. You cannot wake up in the morning, because of heavy head and too much moisture in the air. You can accept it or not, but it is a part of Carpatia. I really suffered from mists and heavy wet air. When you do not see much sun during the winter season – you seem to go crazy. The whole world is sad, on the edge of survival. And this mindset is very hard to change then. You can move to Spain, California, Argentina, but this mist is still inside.

I decided to change my own attitude to the way things go. I’m trying to understand the mist. To like it. To feel its beauty and aesthetics. I’ve discovered much enthusiasm inside me to become a researcher of mist. I’ve studied a bit of Japanese approach to nature and finding beauty in changes of the seasons. So I have to learn a lot from them. Some days are still warm and sunny, so the morning sky is marvelous, gorgeous, astonishing with pink tints and still clear way to Cosmos ; )

Mist is a constantly changing creature. You have just a second to take a shot. The next one is unpredictable and quite different.


P.S. These investigations make me think of better camera. So it’s gonna be fun!

дно колодца


Все в природе циклично. И неожиданно дуально. Чтобы мы развивались и держались в тонусе. Порывы сладостных теплых ветров несли нас на вершины мира, но планета развернулась в другую сторону и мы оказались во мраке. Один на один со своим внутренним миром. Но все ангелы его покинули, пока мы стремительно летели вниз колодца, остались одни демоны. Не всякая цикличность повторяется одинаково. Это движение, мне кажется, больше походит на спираль. (Я даю нам аванс, что мы осознаем свои состояния, склонности жить настроениями, практикуем сантошу и вайрагъю, правильно питаемся и читаем правильные мантры).

Без дна колодца никуда, без него мы не двигаемся ни вперед, ни назад. Наверное, надо полюбить это обильное дарами состояние сознания. Надо его воспринимать как признак развития, дно, от которого можно отбиться вверх. Только надо разрешить себе не бояться туда спуститься.


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